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developing creativity : a program of creative growth and discovery
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Are you creative? Are you interested in developing your creativity to new levels of discovery and growth?

Developing Creativity is a weekly program designed to explore many aspects of creativity to help you create break-thru works of art and beauty. Actors, musicians, artists, writers, directors, producers, film-makers, and creative people of all types attend this informal weekly session. In a safe and relaxed atmosphere we explore ever-expanding ways of developing our creativity.

Each session is unique and includes the exploration of an art form, group exercises, individual discoveries, creative dialogue, and coaching toward a master work of your creation.

Topics vary each week and include new connections and combinations of ways to:

  • Discover your gifts
  • Develop your talent
  • Deal with the box
  • Juggle, Jam, and Jump
  • Affirm your vision
  • Find your rhythm
  • Create your dream board
  • Practice creative conversations
  • Explore creative values
  • Share creative inspiration
  • Release your barriers
  • Climb your metaphoric walls
  • Write your cover story
  • Map your creative path
  • Integrate improvisational techniques & guidelines
  • Play creatively
  • Chart your creative power
  • Play in a drum circle
  • Perform a poetry slam
  • Journal your inner artist
  • Coach your creative peers and heroes
  • Gather, filter, and apply creative feedback
  • Create with authenticity and energy
  • Ramp up your thinking power
  • Generate new ideas
  • Set a positive plan to create your masterpiece
Sessions are weekly. Drop-ins and guests are welcome for the standard weekly session fee. Discounts are available for monthly and auto-payment plans.

Watch for a session coming soon to:

The Boulder Colorado area.



Writers, actors, singers, artists, and creative people of all types gather during developing creativity weekly sessions to share, grow, and sustain the momentum it takes to create.

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Copyright 2008 Dorinda Dercar and Doug Smith
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