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A selection of visual images that I have created to spark your own creativity, enhance your projects, inspire your work on your own masterpiece, or simply gain an idea or two. You may use any of these images as long as your credit and link to the source.

These are images created using PowerPoint, and then converting individual slides to jpg files.

Blue 51, PowerPrint digital image by doug smith

powerprint by doug smith

PowerPrint by doug smith

Life moves so fast, even the dancing images to our music can be dizzying at times. I noticed one day that stopping the motion on the Windows Media Player visualization generator created a great moment of reflection and sometimes, a shot of a serene and artistic piece, so I developed a process to capture them. In a new context, they breathe a life of their own.

FreezeFrame by doug smith

FreezeFrame by doug smith

FreezeFrame by doug smith

Camera images, mainly taken by Nena, Christopher, and myself.

photo by doug smith



This is a photo from around 1959 of my brother Dave (on the right) and me at our grandparents Rogers' house in Bridgeton, NJ. If you stare intently behind the lamp you can see Grandpop Robert Rogers, reading the Bridgeton Evening News. I don't know who the photographer was, but it was probably my Mom.

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