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Improvise with confidence and creativity

Improvisational acting improves your ability to think fast, perform, and communicate more effectively. Using a series of fun games and exercises you’ll be able to act and live more spontaneously. Improv is also a great way to spark your creativity. Improv combines the excitement of experimentation with the structure and stability of time tested frameworks. Like a great piece of music, a skillful improv flows effortlessly while filled with surprise and sensation.

Whether you’re an actor, aspiring performer, or just someone who wants to have fun, you will enjoy the opportunity to explore the world of improvisation.

Great improv is head to toe involvement. More than a series of laughs, improv is instant connection: it's emotion in motion, art in action. And, the more experience a person has with improv, the more that it flows fresh and new.

Think Fast
How are you at thinking on your feet? Are you an actor looking for ways to expand your capability and ramp up your skills? Or, are you someone looking for a way to bring more art into your life -- to grow as an individual and enjoy a great time while you're doing it?

Improvisation is a skill you can learn and apply to your life in dozens of ways.

Reasons To Explore Improv

Enhancing your knowledge and skill at improvisation provides many benefits. While these may be different from person to person,  some of the benefits include developing and improving your ability to:

  • Raise your energy level
  • Create and sustain deeper and more satisfying relationships
  • Raise your level of creativity
  • Play the roles of your life with more authenticity and realist zest
  • Perform effectively under pressure
  • Reduce your stress
  • Respond to and initiate change
  • Sense and activtate your authentic self
  • Energize your sense of play
  • Bring out your inner artist
  • Increase your flexibility in all types of situations
  • Live more spontaneously
  • Expand your perceptions and ability to read the perceptions of others
  • Interact productively
  • Generate and appreciate good clean fun
  • Offer and accept creative ideas
  • Improve any scene, any song, any role
  • Act more naturally while also expanding your range of emotions and choices
  • Lead confidently and collaboratively
  • Show a true sense of compassion and courage in any situation
  • Honor and respect the gifts and talents of yourself and others
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