developing creativity
creativity changes everything

creativity changes everything

creativity changes everything

creativity changes everything

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Articles, resources, learning activities, visual art, workshops, and motivating quotations to help you develop your creativity.

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Explore my favorite quotations on creativity.

Thoughts, reflections, and musings on creativity and living the creative life.


Explore and discover the art of acting and living more spontaneously, using the techniques (and fun) of improv.

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The Artist's Way

Julia Cameron has written a masterpiece. This is a must read for any artist, aspiring artist, or dreamer who wants to reconnect with the creative side and re-energize a journey of discovery that leads to increasing levels of creativity. I love this book, and I encourage you to follow its weekly format complete with reflection questions and exercises. If you stick with the morning pages and artist's you achieve remarkable results. 

Essential Connections
Sites worth visiting.

Doug Smith Guitar
No, this isn't the same Doug Smith that runs this site. Although I do play guitar, this particular Doug Smith is one of the finest and my favorite guitarist. He plays a lively acoustic style,  sometimes in small ensembles and sometimes totally solo. At times totally relaxing and other times energizing, this music is at home anywhere. Labyrinth is one of my favorite recordings of all time. Much of the music you hear during breaks and activites during my workshops comes by special arrangement with the "other" Doug Smith.

Child's Play
They take stories and poems that were written by children and turn them into plays and songs. A great, energetic, loving troupe of actors and artists. I worked with them during their "formative" years and much of what we did then influences what I'm building here: art and fun for everyone!

Read This Book!
My friend Andy Laties has written a lively, ranting, energetic account of his adventures in the bookstore business that is also a great guide to starting any running any business that is intended to transform your life and the world.  Of course, given the through-line of the book (the struggle of the independent booksellers against the huge chains) there's distinct irony if you were to purchase the book via Amazon, but it's the fastest way I've got to urge you to buy and read this book!

Transform your results through improv, music, storytelling, and artistic play. 

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Creativity changes everything
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