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Leadership Workshops

We offer workshops and webinars for front line leaders.  Our workshops are highly interactive and designed to develop the skills that you need as a team leader, supervisor, or manager. Each of our workshops is available as a half-day in-person workshop delivered at the location of your choice, or as interactive teleclasses with coaching.

You have come to the right place If you are:

  • An individual looking ways to develop your front line leadership skills and get the leadership training you need
  • An HR professional or organizational leader hoping to improve your team's ability to create success, communicate effectively, and develop high performance leadership

We specialize in leadership development with affordable workshops for organizations of any size. The following workshops are available:

Achieving Your Goals 

DST LighthouseExplore a 5-part goal achievement process that will set you on a relentless path toward achieving your goals. You'll be able to: Identify your vision, drop the barriers that are standing in your way, express your plan of action to people who matter, act relentlessly on your plan, and learn from feedback every day.

During this class you will set into motion a plan that you will keep in focus through-out the ten workshop series and beyond. The goal setting and achieving habits that you create will serve you well in every new project and goal that you want to accomplish. In your personal life as well as work life you will find Achieving Your Goals to be action-packed and results-oriented.

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Creating Deeper Conversations 
How to create deeper conversationsAt the heart of successful leadership is genuine, candid communication. During this session you will be able to learn how to create the kind of deeper conversations that lead to better interpersonal relationships.

You will also be able to practice how to inspire and achieve clarity, openness, and honesty in your conversations and experience deeper levels of understanding and expression. At work and home you'll find yourself more able to ask meaningful relationship building questions, clarify meanings to minimize misunderstandings, and express yourself courageously and with respect for yourself and others.

Building on the insights of some of the leading communication experts of our era, you will find the encouragement and practice that you need to become a highly skilled facilitator of important conversations.

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Coaching for Performance

How to coach peopleAn effective leader is above all else a skilled coach. People from the most powerful superstars to the toughest struggling performers all respond to coaching. Organizations that encourage coaching and build a coaching culture generate improved results and happier workplaces. Knowing how to coach and provide the right level of feedback is critical to your success as a leader.

During this class you will be able to identify and practice the keys to coaching your constituents for better performance. Explore the benefits of creating a learning culture and set about a plan to attract and retain the best talent for your team. Learn how to provide the types of support that your people need to succeed.

Develop your coaching skills and focus on what is most important for the people you need to develop.

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Managing Time and Productivity

HourglassTime is the great equalizer and it is also a leaders most precious currency. How we use our time is possibly the most important leadership skill you can develop. During this class you can learn to overcome your biggest time wasters and work your priorities.

Discover time-tested techniques for using your most vital resource productively: your time. Find ways to schedule and complete the actions that bring you closer to meeting your goals. Organize your resources, space, and relationships to optimize the use of your time.

Reach new levels of productivity by focusing on what matters most. You'll also be able to partner with others in ways that create productive uses of time and strong habits of goal-centered focus.

Productivity requires constant vigilence and discipine and during this class you will develop habits that focus your use of time in ways that minimize regrets and maximize returns.

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Resolving Conflict
How to resolve conflict
Most leaders find themselves locked in conflicts every day that they didn't anticipate and don't quite know how to handle. Left to fend for themselves, they resort to competing or running away.

Did you know that you have more choices than that? Do you know how to optimize the use of your choices while under conflict?

Explore how you can place yourself so that you don’t give in, don’t give up, and don't do more harm than good. There’s hope for handling the conflict in your life. Find the power and blessing within each conflict and build your own strength and resiliency by developing both your sense of courage and your heart of compassion.

When we are in confict we have choices and in this workshop you will explore and try out your choices so that you learn to manage conflict instead of having conflict manage you.

See why some people manage conflict more effectively than others and learn how you can also be at your most skilled and composed during -- and after -- conflict.

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Handling Stress  

How to handle stressWhat can a leader do about stress? Are there ways to balance your tension and generate motivating initiative out of challenges instead of polarizing stress?

This class will help you to practice ways to center and calm yourself during stress and reduce the tension that bothers you.
You'll be able to practice a creative stress reduction process to center yourself and maintain a sense of balance during tough times.

You'll also be able to differentiate useful stress from harmful stress and eliminate many of the bothersome stressors that stand in the way of progress.

Discover how to attend to your values and let go of unnecessary trouble. Leaders deal with stress on a daily basis so how you handle the stress that comes your way could largely determine your level of success.

Using generous amounts of humor and seasoned insights from years of research and application, we'll tackle stress together and move forward with a fresh and produtive focus.

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Correcting Performance Problems 

How to correct performance problemsCreate attentiveness, willingness, and urgency in those people who are not performing up to your standards. Clarify expectations. Identify the barriers to success and develop a high impact plan for reaching and exceeding your expectations. 

Every leader struggles at some point with people who seem unable or unwilling to meet performance standards. Explore ways to help struggling performers to get bak on track and contribute according to plan.
Take your coaching and guiding skills to the next level while raising the bar on expectations and performance.
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Influencing Change

developing leadership skillsEffective leaders bring about change. To do that requires discipline, insight, process management, and the ability to influence others.

This class will enable you to pull together your influence strategy and processes, fully engage your constituents and discover how to isolate the two or three key factors that will most impact your desired change.

You'll also be able to analyze workflow, challenge the status, and experiment with ways to evolve how you and your team produce your key deliverables.

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Building Effective Teams

developing leadership skillsWhat makes a team effective? This class will help you to align your vision, define your purpose, strategize your goals and optimize your use of feedback to develop a cohesive, motivated team.

You won't find any ladders or trust falls in this program, just high impact tools that you can put to use immediately to advance your team.  You'll be able to survey your team strengths and challenges in order to improve communication, build relationships, and enhance performance.

You and your team will gain new clarity and production capacity as you discover how you work best together. It doesn't take a three day retreat in the jungle to pull your team together -- but it does take focus and a willingness to share leadership as you develop real trust and motivation.

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Creating Success
developing leadership skillsBring the power of group coaching to your life and your organization.

Creating Success provides weekly coaching sessions that provide you with opportunities to develop, grow, set powerful goals, and gain insights for propelling your action plan forward.

During each session you will share opportunities, strengths, and challenges with the group and trade feed-back as you work together to create and sustain meaningful, lasting success.

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